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We need someone who is willing to contribute articles with the sole purpose of helping others.

Codedam is a website created to help programmers in enhancing and even developing their programming skills. As of now it contains articles about different techniques on JavaScript and Angular but would be grateful to have different kinds of programming languages.

We share for free

It is continuously growing and due to the increasing number of readers, we are in need of authors. We would love to give monetary compensation for the contributors but Codedam is just a newly established website that only acquire enough for the monthly maintenance.

Then Why Join?

You are probably asking why would you contribute if you will not be paid. So, here it is. Contributing to this kind of website can serve as the ff.

  • A training ground where you could practice your programming skill.
  • Deeply learn and discover interesting things about your topics while you write about them.
  • Opportunity for you to showcase your knowledge and build your reputation.
  • Build connections with other contributors and improve each others knowledge about a certain topic.
  • Being one of the authors would really be a good addition to your portfolio to impress your employer.
  • You would get a chance to be one of the earliest contributors in this growing platform.

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