Our Team

We are Codedam

Learning programming is hard.

Yes it's challenging but gives us satisfaction when we solve problems or create something new out of it.

We have a passion to share new and helpful things to others, enabling them to enjoy and be motivated in coding. As we learn new practices and share what we've learn to others.



Meet the Team

The Team who never stops to learn programming and very competitive when it comes to make things done. We are passionate to inspire the people who wants to learn with us and listens to every suggestions to amplify every articles we make.

This Team loves to share what they've learn recently and strives to learn new things about programming so that developers in every country would be much better than they currently are.

Rienz Otiong Image

Rienz Ivan Otiong

Founder & Author

A Full stack Developer at Edukasyon.ph from the Philippines creating web apps using Vue Framework. Loves to help in stackoverflow and has 1k+ reputation.


Joven Pancho Image

Joven Pancho


A Web Developer at FFUF Manila company proficient in PHP (Laravel, Symfony), Javascript (Angular, Vue) and various web apps technology. Also develop a mobile application using ionic framework.

Site Owner of mysterytruth.com


Stephen Vinuya


A Full stack Web Developer who specializes in using Angular 4 and Laravel 5 for API development. Meticulous in coding, Conducts seminars about web development and HTML 5 game development to help aspiring developers in building their career.

Site Owner of onecompileman.com




A Full Stack Developer from India who loves creating web applications